Tobacco ~The way to death.. 👾 (Part 3) 

With passing time, everything really goes bad. Aarav’s health gets disturbed a lot. He always looked yellow and pale. He is often suffering from high fever. His skin has got black patches. After a checkup report, it was concluded that he was suffering with ‘Cancer’. He undergoes many chemo treatments, but is not able to recover. Doctors had said that there was no hope for his life. Now, he realized, what all blunder he has done. He was regretting for all his mistakes. He wanted to live. He wanted to spend time with his family. He was feeling like rewinding his life and correcting all his mistakes. He wanted to have a new start, a new life, a new hope. It was 13th July, a day before his birthday. Ayesha came to him and said with her damn sweet smile,”Bhaiya, tomorrow I will make your favourite sandwiches. Mom taught me to do that. Will you eat them.” This time, Aarav replied affectionately,”Offcourse, I will eat them.” But, who knew, it was the last time they were together. Next day, when mom goes to wake him up, he was in a very tight sleep. He had slept forever…….
~Kashish ❤


Author: kashishdhingra7

Young writer 🌟❤

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