Tobacco ~ The way to death.. 👾 (Part 1)

It’s 12 noon.. and Aarav.. the birthday boy is still on the bed. It is his twentieth birthday. Mom enters and lifts the curtains, “Happy Birthday my pumpkin. Get up, its already 12:00. Ayesha is waiting for you. She has a surprise for you.” Saying this, she goes out of the room. Suddenly, the phone rings. Aarav picks it and replies,”Yeah, I remember. I’m just coming. Wait for me there only.” On recieving the call, he hurrily gets up. Just a few minutes later, he gets ready and enters his lobby where his mother and his little sweet sister Ayesha are waiting for him. Ayesha comes running to him and says,”Happy Birthday Bhaiya. See, I have made a beautiful card for you.” “What will I do of this greeting card? It’s such a childish gift. Keep it with you only. I don’t want this.” Saying this, he throws the card on her and says in a hurried tone,”Mom, I’m getting late. Bye, someone’s waiting for me.” “Is it more important than your family? I had planned so much for today”, mother says. Aarav says irritatingly,”Oh please mom! My friend has just arrived from Switzerland. Can’t I even go to recieve him?” Aarav takes his bike and goes to the cafe where he had planned to meet him. Ayesha hugged her mom and cries,” Mom, Bhaiya didn’t like my card?” 

~Stay tuned for the part 2~

~Kashish ❤